Head of Secondary

Our Secondary School students and staff all have their eyes on the future: our students are taking all the opportunities offered to them, in order to prepare them for their lives after school, while our dedicated Christian staff are engaged in identifying and cultivating the huge potential seen in each of our students while they are here.

Our goal for our students is that they will make a difference in their world, and during their secondary years from Year 7 to 12, we desire that they will learn as much as they can to grow into adults of faith, learning, integrity, and especially influence.  Their secondary educational journey should take them from gathering information, to amassing knowledge, to achieving understanding, and hopefully, to setting them on the course for the getting of wisdom, within an environment that genuinely cares for them.

We desire that our students strive to do their personal best and their achievement in academia is important to us. We desire that they take advantage of the diversity of activities available to them. We desire that they learn to walk God’s path for their lives and achieve God’s best for them, in all aspects of their lives.

The educational framework of the Secondary School is based on the pedagogy of ‘Understanding by Design’ [Wiggins & McTighe], with emphasis placed on

  • Beginning with and working towards desired lifelong understandings
  • Uncovering, as well as covering content
  • Discovering the ‘big ideas’ within the content
  • Extending and enriching student thinking
  • Providing real-life contexts and connections
  • Creating engaging educational experiences relevant to student life

All secondary work programs are underpinned by spiritual objectives and a Biblical worldview is embedded into each subject area.

Our core values underpin all that we stand for at 51Сʪ. Our spiritual integration of faith and learning is the foundation, motivation and inspiration for everything in Secondary School life.

Our vision is for our students to become people of Godly influence, through their faith, learning and integrity; our mission is to prepare them.

Cameron Ivers 
Head of Secondary