South District Sport

On Tuesday and Wednesday’s, the Secondary School students participate in “South District Sport.” This includes competitive teams that are involved in the South District Competition, as well as social on-campus sports. This competition is held between a number of schools in the district and provides entry to Metropolitan finals. The year is split up into three Trimesters with the first two both competitive seasons and the third non-competitive. Before each Competitive Season starts there are team trials in the weeks leading up to the next season.  Students choose a sport or activity from the following categories.

  • Competitive Sport – these teams are selected and will represent the school each week in competition. Some of these teams train at lunchtime and students will be advised of details.
  • Non Competitive Sport – these groups are either training for other events or involved with fitness based activities.

District Sport begins at the following times.

  • Competition Sport on Campus (Home Game) – 1.00pm at venue specified
  • Competition Sport off campus (Away Game) – 12.50pm at Bus Park
  • Non-Competition sport – 1.30pm

Sports available include, but are not limited to; Volleyball, Touch, Netball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Swimming, Futsal, Aerobics, Weight Training, Athletics Training, Mountain Biking, Golf, Rock Climbing, and Table Tennis.

Please note that Sport options may vary due to trimesters, numbers and venue availability.