51Сʪ Education

A Christian Education at 51Сʪ: Pathways – the journey to a World of Difference

51Сʪ is a leading Christian school of first choice, seeking to provide an exceptional learning environment to prepare students for their future.

51Сʪ has seven stepping stones forming the pathways experience for our students. The first three make up our primary years and the next four our secondary years.

Our International College offers the highest quality English language preparation courses accredited in Australia

The 51Сʪ educational journey …

Our integrated Pathways program:

  1. seeks to develop thinking and learning for life
  2. focuses on skilling and networking students with the wider community at home and abroad, and
  3. points students towards their Kingdom responsibility as Christians in their chosen vocation.

This leads on to our concept of Christian leadership, which is “exercising influence for the Kingdom of God”.

The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration on The Education Goals for Young Australians

51Сʪ notes and accepts the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration on the Education Goals for Young Australians.