2019 Interschool Fixtures

Sport is an integral part of life at 51Сʪ and our students are provided with an extensive range of opportunities to cater for their interests and abilities. Interschool teams consist of talented students who are eager to represent our college in a competitive context and pit their best skills and teamwork against other schools in our surrounding area which form what is known as the Mount Gravatt District. CCC has a tradition of fielding competitive teams in the District Interschool Fixtures Competitions with the majority of our teams competing in the finals of their respective fixtures competitions. The Interschool Fixtures Competitions are divided into winter and summer seasons. Winter fixtures are conducted in Semester 1 and include Rugby League (boys), Netball (girls), Touch Football (girls) and Soccer (mixed). Summer fixtures are conducted in Semester 2 and include Basketball (boys and girls), Touch Football (boys), AFL (boys), and Volleyball (girls).


2019 Summer Sports Fixtures Schedules
To view all the 2019 summer sports fixtures please head to the Primary Sport page on 51Сʪ Central.