Beginner Band and String Programs

Beginner Band and String Programs

All students at 51Сʪ have the opportunity to learn an instrument in their formative years as part of our Beginner Band and String Programs. This takes place in Year 2 (all string instruments) and Year 4 (all brass, woodwind and percussion instruments). Parents do not need to enrol in this program as it is provided as part of the curriculum.

The Beginner Band and String Programs are designed to help students discover the joy that can be found through learning and playing a musical instrument. It is the aim of these programs to instil in your child a deep appreciation and love of music. The College views these programs as the start of an incredible journey.

The program offers all Year 2 and Year 4 students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument within a class setting. Students will learn the fundamentals of their instrument in a supportive and collaborative space before performing a debut concert at the end of the semester.

Through this program, students will not only learn to play several songs on their instrument, but they will also develop their music theory skills, aural skills and rhythmic abilities. They will also learn how to play and perform as part of an ensemble, a skill that develops hand-eye coordination and develops social interaction.


At the conclusion of the semester, Beginner Band and String Program students participate in their debut concert. This is held in College Hall and parents, extended family and special friends are welcome to attend.

During the debut concert information is provided on how students and parents can continue with the Academy of the Arts.

For further information email: academyofthearts@citipointe.qld.edu.au 

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