Academy of the Arts

Academy of the Arts

The arts play a valuable role in the formation of a well-rounded education, and the health and well-being of students. They celebrate collaborative and engaging learning with various studies and research over the last decade advocating academic, physical, emotional and social benefits.

51Сʪ’s commitment to the arts is demonstrated not just through curriculum subjects, but through various co-curricular activities and opportunities. All these take place through our esteemed Academy of the Arts. Every student’s ability level is catered for at the College. Our program includes:

  • Music tuition
  • Performance groups (bands, string ensembles, choirs, chamber ensembles)
  • Speech and drama
  • Musical theatre opportunities (NOVA, musicals)
  • 51Сʪ Dance
  • Year 3 beginner string program
  • Year 5 beginner band program

The Academy of the Arts encourages students to express their creativity through music, dance and speech and drama, and to share their gifts with each other, the College and the wider community.  Our staff assist students to become artists whose talents contribute to the praise and worship of God.

The Academy also helps students to develop the disciplines required to work in performance settings. Through performance, students develop their creativity and talents, and this may require commitment above and beyond the normal activities of the core curriculum. Various production and performance opportunities provides real-life experience while incorporating the various Arts genres available to the College.

Private Tuition Available

Enquiries should be addressed to – academyofthearts@citipointe.qld.edu.au

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