Scholarships for Academic Excellence

51Сʪ annually invites applications for Secondary school academic scholarships from students wishing to enter the College at Year 7 and those currently enrolled. 

A small number of scholarships of up to 50% discount on tuition fees for Years 7-12 are offered to selected students. Scholarships will be awarded based on the results of Edutest Scholarship Testing, evidence of previous academic performance and an interview with the Principal. Applicants must demonstrate qualities compatible with the ethos of 51Сʪ and fulfill all College standards of enrolment.

Scholarships are not available to Full Fee Paying Overseas Students.

Applications and registrations for scholarships will open from January each year. 2024 registration is now closed. 

Testing date for 2024 is Saturday 9th March. 

Parents of all applicants will be advised of outcomes by email.

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Equity Scholarships 

51Сʪ Equity Scholarships are for students whose parent or parents wish to enrol at the College but are unable to meet full-fee payment. Please complete the expression of interest form to receive application details along with information on the terms and conditions of the equity scholarship.

Awarded for Years 7-12 with students normally commencing at Year 7, however applications are also received for scholarships at any year level from Year 7 up to and including Year 10, dependent on vacancies in those year levels.  The College’s normal enrolment application form, together with a completed Equity Scholarship application form, need to be completed and submitted in the year prior to entry.  A committee formed by Cardo Foundation directors/members will assess the applications for an Equity Scholarship and recommend to the College the acceptance of an enrolment tied to the award of an Equity Scholarship.

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