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Football at 51Сʪ

Developing Talent and Character 

51Сʪ’s focus sports (football, volleyball and basketball) feature structured training programs aimed at talent development and character building.

With three football teams in Primary and five in Secondary, including students aged 9 to 18, our football program consistently ranks among the top three in Christian schools.

Led by coaches with experience in Australia’s National Premier Leagues (NPL) or equivalent, our program emphasises the development of technical skills and fosters values like discipline and commitment.

Through football, students encounter pressure situations that test their character. Players learn through these moments that faith on the field is not separate from faith off the field. Self-control is the trait that reflects upon faith in the game, and one discussed regularly by our coaches.

Primary students engage in local interschool competitions for ten weeks. They enjoy gala days with Christian Schools Sports Association Queensland (CSSAQ) and the Calvary Cup. Secondary students participate in many competitions, including:

  • CSSAQ futsal and outdoor gala days,
  • Queensland School Futsal League,
  • and the Independent Schools Cup.

Prestigious competitions such as the ISSA Cup and Uhlsport Cup, see Secondary teams face quality competition like Brisbane State High School and St Laurence’s College. At 51Сʪ, football is a platform for nurturing talent and instilling Christian character, which proves invaluable both on and off the field.

Mr Dean Le Petit
Mr Terence Jonathan

Date posted: April 8, 2024